Frequently Asked Questions


What is MAP software?

MAP is a crowsourced platform to make sense of the 3D world around us and provide location based information. By leveraging consumer devices, MAP gathers 3D information about the world around us and reduces it to a set of features which devices can use in conjunction with GPS to identify precisely where in space they are. MAP also provides a crowdsourced layer of location based information, allowing digital information to be tied to precise physical space.


Who is building MAP software?

The Mapping Aggregation Platform team is comprised of veteran developers and designers in the Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Blockchain, and Gaming industries. More information about the team is available on the website.


What are MAP tokens?

MAP tokens function as a way to reward data contributions to the platform and as a mechanism to add information on top of the map. Token are issued as incentives to users who provide accepted mapping data, and these tokens are used in a Proof of Stake system to allow anyone to embed information to the map tied to precise physical space.