A Decentralized 3D Mapping Protocol

What Is Map?

Earth can finally speak to us

MAP is a decentralized mapping protocol where peer-to-peer networks contribute mapping information about their location and embed information for each other.

This protocol provides a highly accurate and consistently up-to-date 3D map of the world intended to enable applications across the planet to access a unified, digital representation of the physical world.

How Map Works

Anyone with a depth sensing camera device can contribute to MAP.

When using an app that leverages a depth sensing camera to capture their environment,

Users contribute:
1. Depth Data
2. GPS information
3. Orientation

To create a description of the space around them.

Shared ownership of our 3D digital representation of our physical world.

Submitted mapping information periodically undergoes rounds of content verification by consensus of the community where common features are identified. Valid mapping submissions are rewarded with MAP Tokens.

Through everyone’s frequent contribution, we can all have an accurate and up-to-date digital representation of our world.

Build rich and accurate location-based applications and services on the MAP blockchain.

Leverage the MAP blockchain to build rich and accurate location-based apps and services, be it location-based information, augmented reality data, autonomous vehicle, drone routes, or any other information that requires location for context.

How To Embed Information Onto the map Blockchain

Anyone can embed digital information onto the MAP blockchain where it will be reflected in the real world, however, MAP can only handle a set amount of transactions per hour. Transaction bandwidth is allocated based on MAP network ownership.

A store can embed their cafe deal into specific spots (such as outside of the entrances for all of their retail locations) once and all devices and apps will be able to pull this information, allowing for a “Save once use everywhere” model.

MAP intends to provide a protocol for the world to speak for itself because our future requires a mapping system that provides a higher level of detail about the world around us that can also update itself as the world changes.

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Details on the MAP Project can be found here.

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